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Our Commitment Is Keeping You Secure.

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Managed Security Services address every cyber security challenges and helps the organizations focus on their core business.

Data Privacy

We can help you establish policies that govern the way your organization gathers and manages data, to reduce that risk and ensure you meet global privacy goals.

ZERO-False Positive Report

Redback provides manual-based testing along with tool-based testing which reduces the false positive report to maximize accurate identification of critical level vulnerabilities.

Advanced Cyber Security Provider

We are a professional Cyber Security solution company providing cyber security and penetration testing services. Our core competencies in cyber security are VAPT, Phishing Simulation, and SOC.

Our Strategy is to analyse an organization’s position against the standards and help our clients to identify the risks and mitigate cyber security vulnerabilities in their network or application.


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Providing Best Cyber Security Solutions

We help companies by protecting their digital assets from black hat hackers. Our professional team of hackers, strategists and consultants work together to build a rock solid security system that is literally un-breakable.

Our professional team of hackers are recognised and appreciated. Providing a wide range of cybersecurity solutions is one of our speciality in the market.

What We Offer

We believe in customer first approach, customer satisfaction, and follow guidelines and compliance.

Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence is more than just threat indicators or data points without context – it is actionable information that can guide security strategy and alert organizations to ongoing and emerging threats.

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Security Assessment

Our cyber security assessment services will provide a comprehensive risk, threat, and vulnerability assessment to ensure your organization's security.

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Compromise Assessment

Cyber Compromise Assessment is an essential exercise to proactively investigate potential compromises, detect advanced threats, and improve cyber defenses.

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Incident Response

Redback is a leading provider of end-to-end cybersecurity, digital forensics, and breach response services, with over 3200 security events handled each year.

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Cyber Security

Implementing effective cybersecurity measures is especially difficult today due to the fact that there are more devices than people, and attackers are becoming more creative.

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Cloud Security

Cloud security architecture is a security strategy that focuses on protecting an organization's data and applications in the cloud. It is an important extension of enterprise security, and it necessitates an architecture to connect it to an overall security strategy.

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General Questions Frequently Asked Questions?

Cybersecurity shields your company from malicious (and unintentional) attacks made using your internet-connected networks, computers, mobile devices, software, and applications, much like physical security (locks, gates, doors) would. These cyber security measures are intended to protect you from attackers attempting to gain access to your data, destroy or extort sensitive customer information, or trick you into depositing funds into a fraudulent account. Strong passwords, two-factor authentication, staff education, and disaster recovery plans are all good examples of cyber security measures.

A data breach occurs when an intruder gains unauthorized access to your information, such as customer records and personal information, intellectual property, or company secrets. It is frequently a PR nightmare to inform customers and suppliers that you, and possibly their data, have been stolen.

Malware is derived from the phrase "malicious software," which refers to software that has been installed on your computer or network without your knowledge and attempts to disrupt your business. It could be executable code, computer viruses, worms, trojans, bots, spyware, ransomware, or another type of malicious software. Frequently picked up when installing or clicking on links that you or an employee should not have clicked on.

It's not always obvious, but some common signs that you've been hacked include an inability to log in to an account, unknown programs opening when you start your computer, pop-up windows, a lot of spam emails, social media posts that you didn't write, or your computer isn't performing as well as it should (slowed down or crashes more frequently).

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