California Privacy Act (CPRA) Compliance

The California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) modifies the standards of the California Consumer Privacy Act in a number of ways (CCPA). By expanding privacy protections and enhancing employee and consumer rights, it builds on the CCPA. Organizations may build organizational culture to emphasize data privacy and show accountability for CPRA regulations thanks to the Redback platform.

Our CPRA Services

Readiness Assessment

A readiness assessment assesses your present privacy programme to determine its compliance with the CPRA. Our analysis compares your current situation to the standards of the CPRA and offers a thorough road map for compliance.

Advisory Services

We also carry out internal post-compliance audits of a company as part of our CPRA Compliance Solution compliance services to make sure it is fully compliant. Any discoveries are reported to management, and complete solutions that are designed to close the gap are offered. We guarantee total adherence to your company's policies.

Ongoing Support

Once your CPRA program is fully established, our team may offer continuous support to assist you in keeping track of the effectiveness of your compliance program, staying up to date with changes, and putting new regulations into effect.