Cyber Attack Recovery Services

Proven and Modern Protection for Critical Data from Ransomware and Destructive Cyber Attacks

Why Cyber Recovery

Data is the currency of the internet economy and a critical asset that must be safeguarded, kept confidential, and accessible at all times. The constant flow of data across interconnected networks is critical in today's global marketplace, and digital transformation efforts put more sensitive data at risk.

This makes your company's data an appealing and profitable target for cybercriminals.

Cybercrime has been described as the greatest transfer of wealth in history, and it is all about data. Cybercrime is expected to threaten $5.2 trillion in global value over the next five years, according to Accenture.Cyber attacks continue to expose businesses and governments to compromised data, lost revenue due to downtime, reputational damage, and costly regulatory fines, regardless of industry or size of organization. The average annual cost of cybercrime per company increased by 72% in the last five years to US$13M in 2018.

Cyber Recovery is the new Disaster Recovery

Cyber Recovery is not the same as disaster recovery. While Cyber Recovery and Disaster Recovery designs share some components, Cyber Recovery systems have a few sophisticated components that set it apart. Both systems have compute, storage, networking, and a replication target for a backup system, but a Disaster Recovery system is always connected to the production system for continuous online replication. That means that if data in your production system is compromised, you've most likely just replicated the compromised data to your Disaster Recovery system, which isn't a good way to protect yourself from a cyber attack.

Protect yourself against ransomware with Cyber Recovery

Cyber attacks are intended to destroy, steal, or compromise your valuable data, including backups.

Protecting your critical data and ensuring its integrity is critical to resuming normal business operations following an attack. Could your company survive? Here are the five components of a tried-and-true cyber recovery solution:

(1) Data Isolation and Governance

A data center environment that is isolated from corporate and backup networks and restricted to users with appropriate clearance.

(2) Automated Data Copy and Air Gap

Create unchangeable data copies in a secure digital vault, as well as processes that establish an operational air gap between the production / backup environment and the vault.

(3) Intelligent Analytics and Tools

Machine learning and full-content indexing with powerful analytics within the safety of the vault. Automated integrity checks to determine whether data has been impacted by malware and tools to support remediation if needed.

(4) Recovery and Remediation

Workflows and tools to perform recovery after an incident using dynamic restore processes and your existing DR procedures.

(5) Solution Planning and Design

Expert guidance to select critical data sets, applications and other vital assets to determine RTOs and RPOs and streamline recovery.