Cyber Profiling

In an era where computer criminals are becoming increasingly difficult to combat, law enforcement agencies are growing more interested in the offenders themselves, their personalities, and traits present in their acts in general. A psychological profiler specialist frequently fills the unique position of recognising the human element in cyber crime offender profiling. Utilizing a strategy to map the psychological profile of the unidentified criminal is known as psychological profiling.

The technique produces a brief, succinct, and dynamic profile of the offender that highlights the key behavioural traits and traits of the unidentified perpetrator. Security experts can evaluate the information and evidence collected at the crime scene thanks to their psychological expertise and understanding, which also helps them narrow down the personality type of the criminal.

The conduct of the criminal and the need for it to be satisfied are explained through profiling. An investigator can find the location where the crime was committed using profiling as well. Offender profiling needs to be done by a whole team made up of experts in internet technology, law, and security.
Redback's cyber profiling services have the following results:

  • Social Skills

  • Personality and Intelligence

  • Social Media Links

  • Applications Used

  • Personal Information