Litigation Support

Legal departments, law firms, and/or attorneys are aware of the value of well-organized case files. Taking on lawsuits is a demanding job; in fact, your client's perception of you as a professional is frequently based on how you present yourself to them. It is preferable to outsource litigation support services since they will help you organise your files and complete the jobs quickly. With the amount of paperwork you must handle and the papers you must provide your client, this is because you will need to handle a lot of paperwork. For personal injury attorneys, Redback provides top-notch litigation services. We handle the preparation of complaints, motions, and all other intermediate stages of litigation, such as the drafting of answers and interrogatories.

  • Legal Drafting
  • Legal Coding and Indexing
  • Document Review
  • E-Discovery
  • Deposition Summaries
  • Medical Record Review

An Overview of Our Litigation Support Services:

Legal Drafting

Fundamental elements of any law firm's daily operations include legal drafting, analysis, and documentation. Consider outsourcing these tasks to Redback if you want in-depth legal analysis, writing, research, or drafting. Our skilled legal team is made up of qualified lawyers that are adept at providing exceptional, high-quality, and trustworthy solutions for planning and producing Summary Judgement Motions.

Legal Coding and Indexing

The legal coding and indexing procedure involves cataloguing legal documents so that they may be quickly located, sorted, ordered, or evaluated. Effective design, standardised conventions, exceptionally competent coders, suitable technology, and several levels of quality control form the foundation of top-notch coding procedures. We help you by organising the data so that it has more relevance for you. This is accomplished by building a database, then indexing and coding the records. According to the specific requirements, we manage document coding for specific projects. Employees that have received legal coding training, are particularly qualified in their field of study, are familiar with legal lingo, and are handling the projects.

Document Review

Legal Support World has a special staff of attorneys who painstakingly proofread all the laborious documentation. The document evaluation process is something that our legal team excels at. Our team subjectively checks the documents for citation, typing, and other issues based on the client's specifications. For the maximum level of accuracy, a quality check is performed on each document that is examined.


Redback can guide your company through the entire E-Discovery process. We provide a special fusion of expertise, service, and technology to meet all of your electronic discovery (E Discovery) and electronically stored information (ESI) needs. With seasoned professionals and project managers, as well as "behind-the-scenes" experts who can assist you with every aspect of your case, our service-focused work culture is set forth. To access, organise, and meticulously visualise all case-related information, LSW offers the tools and people you need. Our staff can help you with early case assessment, custodian interviews, commercial data mapping, and any other complex data collection requirements at the outset of the E-Discovery process.

Deposition Summaries

Redback helps you plan and get ready for court, cutting down on review time and making sure that the crucial details of depositions are taken into account. Attorneys at Redback review, evaluate, and summarise depositions to create deposition digests when you use our deposition summary services. We provide concise and accurate summaries of deposition transcripts, including those from lengthy, multi-day sessions. To create a timeline of events, we also look through the records. Event chronologies give the case's attorneys the ability to quickly recognise significant events and chains that could have a big impact on how the case turns out.

Medical Record Review

Redback's Medical Record Review Services give our customers useful tools to enhance their ability to shape the result of their cases involving workers' compensation, personal injury, auto liability, short-term disability, and long-term disability. Our highly educated team analyses medical records, develops schedules, and provides thorough instructions to assist our clients in making the critical choices required to advance a case.