Managed Security Services

What is a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)?

Managed security service providers (MSSP) deliver management and outsourced monitoring of systems and security devices. An MSSP can also handle upgrades, system changes, and modification.

What is a Managed Security Service Provider Used For?

An MSSP should provide an organization with a complete outsourced security solution. The core of the MSSP business is providing enterprise network and endpoint security monitoring and incident response. Support for other platforms, such as cloud-based infrastructure, has become a common component of MSSPs' security portfolios as enterprise networks grow and evolve.

Benefits of an MSSP

An MSSP is intended to enhance or replace a company's internal security team. A company can gain several advantages by partnering with an MSSP:

Filling Vacant Roles

Filling open positions on an organization's internal security team can be challenging and expensive due to the cybersecurity skills gap. By collaborating with an MSSP, an organization can fill gaps in its internal security team or completely replace it.

Access to Specialist Expertise

The impact of the cybersecurity skills gap isn't limited to a lack of cybersecurity personnel. If an incident occurs, organizations will also require access to specialized cybersecurity expertise (such as malware analysts or forensics specialists) on a regular basis. An MSSP has the scale necessary to keep this expertise in-house and to make it available to customers as needed.

Round-the-Clock Protection

Cyberattacks can happen at any time, not just during a company's normal business hours. An MSSP should provide a 24/7 SOC that detects and responds to potential cyberattacks.

Increased Security Maturity

Many organizations, particularly small and medium-sized businesses, lack the required level of cybersecurity maturity. SMBs can quickly deploy a mature cybersecurity solution with the help of an MSSP.

Solution Configuration and Management

Cybersecurity solutions are most effective when configured and managed by a professional. When an organization partners with an MSSP, it gains the benefit of expert security management without having to pay for the necessary talent in-house.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Many cybersecurity solutions allow for multi-tenancy and scalability. This allows an MSSP to support multiple clients with the same solution, spreading the cost of a robust cybersecurity infrastructure across their client base.

Compliance Support

As new data protection regulations (such as the GDPR and the CCPA) join existing laws, the regulatory landscape becomes more complex (like HIPAA and PCI DSS). An MSSP can assist with data collection and report generation to demonstrate compliance during audits or after a potential incident.