Network penetration testing

What is Network penetration testing?

Network penetration testing is the ethical hacking of a network to discover how systems will respond to a real cybersecurity threat.

Benefits of Network Penetration Test

Pen testing can offer numerous benefits to any organization concerned about potential security vulnerabilities.

Some of the primary benefits of this type of security testing include:

  • Identifying network security flaws
  • Understanding risk levels
  • Mapping out the organization's overall security posture

Identify Network Security Weaknesses

Network security, and by extension network penetration testing, advance as swiftly as the technology upon which they are based. You need industry professionals if you want penetration testing services that go beyond a basic vulnerability scanner.

Redback's method of network penetration testing goes beyond conventional vulnerability analysis. Our assessment team finds, exploits, and documents even the most subtle network vulnerabilities thanks to decades of combined security knowledge. You want the best pentesting business to assess your network security when you're worried about it.

Our Services

External Network Assessment

Your perimeter network is assaulted daily, and even minor exterior flaws can have detrimental effects. Vulnerabilities on servers and other infrastructure items that are accessible via the internet are found through external network penetration testing.

The security posture of the routers, firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IDS), and other security appliances that filter harmful internet traffic is evaluated through external penetration testing.

Internal Network Assessment

The security experts at Redback approach the local area network from the perspective of an intruder. We search for sensitive assets and confidential company information. Utilizing a range of tools, discovering user credentials, and making an effort to compromise both virtual and physical computers present in the network environment are all part of this process.

This engagement has the advantage of preventing a breach of your assets due to a breach of your external network.

Wireless Network Pentesting

Depending on the wireless clients, access points, and wireless setups, wireless (WiFi) networks may be vulnerable to a wide range of assaults. Every day, new attacks against WiFi networks are created, such as the recent KRACK flaw that made it possible for criminals to bypass the encryption protocol used by the majority of routers and linked devices.