Penetration Testing

In security, as in life, the most difficult flaws to identify are your own. Fortunately, we have no trouble listing all of your shortcomings in detail. In a sense, it's our job. That's good to know: One of the most valuable insights you can gain to enhance your security program is an understanding of your vulnerabilities and the manner in which attackers might exploit them. In light of this, Redback's Penetration Testing Services team will create a realistic attack against your networks, apps, devices, and/or users in order to show you how secure your critical systems and infrastructure are and what steps need to be taken to make them more secure. We don't point out your flaws because it annoys you, like your mother, we do it because we care.

Why conduct a penetration test?

The importance given to security measures may be impacted by certain circumstances, such as funding restrictions. Make a security evaluation a top priority before the network is the target of an attack. Take into account market factors that could affect or refocus your desired plans.

Key benefits of a Penetration Testing

  • Flexibility. Manage your assessments, schedule tests, set the desired depth of testing, and make modifications as business requirements change and threats evolve.
  • Coverage. Test applications you might miss owing to resource constraints.
  • Consistency. Get the same high-quality penetration testing results all the time for any application.
  • Enablement. We walk you through your test results and help you develop a remediation plan best suited to your needs.
  • Scalability. We provide scalable penetration testing delivery through our Assessment Centers without compromising manual reviews.
  • Comprehensiveness. Our blended manual and tool-based assessment approach includes a thorough analysis of results, detailed reporting, and actionable remediation guidance.