Ransomware Protection

Individuals or groups with evil intent who wish to harm your company's reputation or extort money can now do so by utilizing Ransomware-As-A-Service providers available for hire on the Dark Web - such Ransomwares can be customized to exploit the vulnerabilities in your infrastructure.

Attacks using ransomware are getting more and more complex. In a Sophos survey, it was discovered that over 75% of the targets of such attacks were using up-to-date end point security software at the time of the attack. It was also discovered that an average of $133,000 was spent on each attack to lessen their effects.

You must be aware of the security holes in your IT infrastructure that could be exploited by those with bad intentions to steal money from you or harm the reputation of your company.


Top Reasons to Choose Us

  • Optimum Security
  • Prevent Potentially Huge Financial Losses
  • Avoid Social Unrest
  • Improved compliance