Open-source intelligence (OSINT) is information gathered from freely accessible sources for use in intelligence-related contexts. "Open" in the context of the intelligence community denotes overt, publicly accessible sources (as opposed to covert or clandestine sources). Open-source software or open intelligence are unrelated to it. OSINT has existed for hundreds of years under various names. A significant amount of actionable and predictive intelligence may now be gained from open, unclassified sources because to the development of immediate communications and quick information sharing.

OSINT refers to the gathering and evaluation of data from open, or public, sources. In order to meet classified, unclassified, or proprietary intelligence requirements across the preceding intelligence disciplines, analysts who use non-sensitive intelligence often turn to OSINT. OSINT is largely used in national security, law enforcement, and commercial intelligence tasks.

Six different information flow categories can be used to classify OSINT sources:

Print media includes international radio, television, newspapers, and magazines.

Internet - Websites for social media, blogs, forums, and online publishing

Internet - Websites for social media, blogs, forums, and online publishing

Publicly available information from the government, including reports, budgets, hearings, phone books, press conferences, websites, and speeches.

Journals, conferences, symposia, academic papers, theses, and dissertations are all sources of information for professional and academic publications.

Commercial Data includes databases, financial and industrial evaluations, and commercial images.

Technical reports, preprints, patents, working papers, corporate records, unpublished works, and newsletters are examples of grey literature.

How we can help

Due to their involvement in the OSINT community, Redback's resident experts are uniquely qualified to help Law Enforcement Agencies gather intelligence on potential targets

what we do

Real-Time OSINT Intelligences

Sentimental Analysis

Our team of professionals will assess your IT security by safely exploiting holes in your business's IT infrastructure, including the operating system, apps, server configurations, and end users' behavior.

Real Time Cyber Intelligence

We will examine your company's application layer for potential security holes that attackers could take advantage of. Every application in your application layer will be secure, well-managed, and tested thanks to the expertise of our staff.

Video Forensics

Examining your business as an open system allows us to detect all types of vulnerabilities to its security, including vendor, outside, and insider threats, both purposeful and unintentional. Redback will work with you to identify these dangers, discover a means of getting rid of them, and lessen the impact they have on the operations and procedures of your firm.