Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

There have been more cyberattacks and crimes related to cyberspace with each passing day. In today's world, we are surrounded by technological devices and rely on them to complete our tasks, but it is precisely these things that put us in danger. They serve as entry points for fraudsters looking to breach your privacy and obtain your personal data. Technical surveillance is the term used to describe this type of spying, in which attackers breach individuals' personal space via technical devices. One of the top private detective firms in India offering TSCM Services (Technical Surveillance Counter Measure) is Redback.

Allow us to comprehend the numerous ways that thieves can obtain your private information so that we can better assist you in defending yourself.


Placing bugs in a room to record private conversations is the most frequent form of technical surveillance. Bugs are tiny recording equipment with microphones. They are very cleverly concealed within items, making it difficult to spot them with the human eye. The technology employed in our TSCM Services, along with assistance from Redback, enables you to find bugs or eavesdropping devices. Bugs produce radio signals, which our receivers pick up and utilise to determine their precise location. It's sometimes referred to as "bug sweeping."


Appliances like covert recording devices occasionally emit radio waves at varying frequencies, or some of them are completely passive. Small businesses may be concerned about this, but have no fear—Redback has the most up-to-date technology to conduct TSCM (Technical Surveillance Countermeasures) and stop anyone from stealing your data. We employ RFeye, a continuous TSCM service that combines very sensitive and wide-bandwidth sensors into a single piece of software that constantly scans the sky for any unidentified signals.


Criminals can remotely access your smartphones or laptops via WiFi and Bluetooth to steal personal information. For this, we carefully examine all of the nearby equipment and internet connection points for any indications of an aberration. For the purpose of securing your venue before any event, all sections have security cameras that are watched around-the-clock.