Vulnerability Assessment

What is Vulnerability Assessment?

Vulnerability assessment is a testing approach for identifying and classifying threats to an asset, such as a server, workstation, or device. Businesses benefit from Redback's Vulnerability Management Assessment, which identifies, measures, and classifies security issues while providing continuing support and direction for their resolution.

Better understand and manage cyber security risks

Your businesses face ongoing security issues as a result of business development, digitalization, and the changing threat landscape. The Vulnerability Assessment service from Redback assists you in responding by locating, categorizing, and resolving security issues as well as offering continuous support and advice on how to best mitigate them.

Key benefits of a Vulnerability Assessment

Identifies at-risk assets

Get assistance identifying the applications, systems, and data that are most vulnerable to attack.

Informs security investments

Recognize the cyber security issues that need the most attention and get practical advice on how to best mitigate them.

Validates the suitability of security controls

A review of how well your internal and external defences identify, contain, and withstand the most recent threats may be beneficial.

Provides strategic advice

Get advice that will help protect your business both now and in the future.