Deep and Dark Web Monitoring Service

What is Dark Web Monitoring?

Dark web monitoring entails actively searching and tracking the dark web for information about your organization, such as leaked or stolen data, compromised passwords, breached credentials, intellectual property, and other sensitive data. On the dark web, data brokers and malicious actors are constantly selling and sharing this information, and security teams alone cannot keep up with adversaries. Successful strategies necessitate the continuous discovery and analysis of raw intelligence in real time by AI and human intelligence.

Why Dark Web Monitoring matters

Monitoring the dark web is a challenging and expensive operation that calls for ongoing surveillance and intelligence gathering throughout the Underground Economy. Threat actors also hide the platforms they use for covert conversations. To monitor channels like TOR, I2P, ZeroNet, Telegram, Discord, and IRC, professionals who have infiltrated these deep and dark web groups are required. Organizations can use this insider information to detect credential and other data leaks early, analyze cyberattacks contextually, and receive notifications that can be taken.

Gain Visibility into Hacker Communities and Underground Marketplaces

Cybercriminals use the dark web to methodically coordinate their attacks, sell illicit goods, distribute malware and phishing kits, and share other prebuilt exploits. Identify threat actors and their intentions early on so that you can properly prepare your defenses. Go behind enemy lines.

Get Early Warnings of Targeted Attacks

Utilize the most comprehensive and in-depth coverage of dark web sources to gain visibility into threat actors and their activities. To anticipate attacks on your organization, employees, and customers, we gain access to restricted channels and automate intelligence gathering. Visit the dark side.

Discover New Hacking Tools and Exploit Kits

Monitor private hacker channels and exclusive dark web forums. Discover new cybercriminal tactics and tools for automating attacks, testing for vulnerabilities, and scamming you and your customers. Recognize how perpetrators attack you.

Understand and Engage Your Adversaries

Count on our analysts to keep an eye on your adversaries and engage with threat actors. We can collect data samples, investigate motives, and assist you in implementing smarter cybersecurity workflows. Make Threat Command your agent of surveillance.