SOC Service Provider

What is a SOC?

An Information Security Operations Center (ISOC or SOC) is a facility where security personnel monitor enterprise systems, defend against security breaches, and proactively identify and mitigate security risks.

Previously, the SOC was thought to be a heavyweight infrastructure that could only be afforded by very large or security-conscious organizations. With new collaboration tools and security technology, many smaller organizations are establishing virtual SOCs, which do not require a dedicated facility and can be staffed by part-time personnel from security, operations, and development groups. Many organizations are establishing managed security operations centers (SOCs) or hybrid SOCs, which combine in-house staff with tools and expertise from Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs).

SOC Facilities

The traditional Security Operations Center is a physical facility that is well-secured in terms of both cyber and physical security. The room is large, with security personnel sitting at desks facing a wall with screens showing security stats, alerts, and details of ongoing incidents. Many SOCs nowadays look quite different. A Virtual SOC (VSOC), for example, is not a physical facility, but rather a group of security professionals who collaborate to perform the duties of a SOC.

SOC (Security Operations Center) Managed: - As organizations move toward digitization, they face increasingly sophisticated threats. To identify and respond to threats, our Security Operations Center services combine threat intelligence, active security monitoring, and advanced analytics.

Prevent Cyber Attacks on the Transformation Journey

The digital IT landscape is complicated. Dealing with multiple suppliers, architectures, and hosting arrangements has made maintaining a consistent view of the cyber threat at all levels more difficult. And the threat is ever-changing.

Even if a system is secure, traditional preventive security methods may fail to detect or prevent fraud and cyber attacks. As a result, businesses cannot afford to let these threats obstruct transformation.

As a result of constant monitoring and analysis, security is now a business enabler that enable companies to confidently begin their transformation journeys.