Social media monitoring

Social media monitoring is the process of using tools to listen to what is being said online on different social media platforms and other websites as well, in order to acquire some understanding of what the general public's attitude is regarding any certain topics. These topics are covered by Redback's social media monitoring:

  • Forums

  • Blogs

  • Review Sites

  • News Sites

  • RSS Feeds

  • Major Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.

The first step in the social media measurement process is to specify the objective that must be met as well as the expected results of the procedure. The expected result varies depending on the purpose and is often assessed using a number of metrics. The aim is then defined, and potential social techniques are suggested for achieving it. The next stage is to create the strategies that will be employed and to set up the setup tools that will make the data collection process easier. The next level is the real-time application of tactics and technologies.

The fundamental way that social media monitoring technology operates is by crawling and indexing several websites that are publishing content that is in question. The processes of crawling and indexing can be managed in accordance with any certain time frame. Once the information has been properly indexed, search operations can be carried out using queries that are particular to the relevant content. These searches can be made up of specific words and phrases. The posts and material that include the specific terms and phrases that were searched for make up the output.

Following the acquisition of the content, monitoring can be done, with the results including metadata, graphing, categorization, and analysis. This information can be used for decision-making, reporting, profiling, and research.