Threat Hunter

What Is a Threat Hunter?

Threat hunters identify advanced threats, then track and mitigate them before they compromise organizational IT systems. Advanced threats can account for up to 10% of all cyber threats, and not all advanced threats are detected solely through SOC solutions. Threat hunters are required for this purpose.

A threat hunter is constantly detecting, analyzing, and combating advanced threats. The job entails detecting vulnerabilities and mitigating cybersecurity risks before they affect the organization.

A threat hunter might be tasked with the following:

  • Search for cyber threats and risks hiding inside the data before attacks occur
  • Gather as much information on threat behavior, goals and methods as possible
  • Organize and analyze the collected data to determine trends in the security environment of the organization
  • Make predictions for the future and eliminate the current vulnerabilities

Why Are Threat Hunters Important?

It's difficult to predict the next cyberattack because advanced threats lack defined indicators - we don't know what to look for. To defend the organization, newer threat hunter and security analysis techniques must be used to find threats before they find you.

How can a managed threat hunting service from Redback help?

Threat hunting requires a deep understanding of cyber threats as well as criminal adversaries' tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs). Organizations risk being exposed if they do not have this level of expertise.

Redback's outcome-focused Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service, combines cutting-edge detection technologies and intelligence with a team of cyber offensive security experts to provide the hunting capability required to detect threats proactively.

Our experienced Redback Team security professionals have a thorough understanding of offensive security and use this knowledge to better identify unknown threats. Redback Labs, our specialized threat research and analytics division, informs and enhances this.